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Product photography for technical wholesalers

More and more technical wholesalers are going digital, whether it concerns car parts, tools, machine parts, parts for electrical engineering, door fittings or white goods. A virtual presentation of the product is thus becoming the new standard. Attractive product photography therefore plays an important role. With Orbitvu automated photo systems you can take photos, 360° rotating images and videos of any product for your wholesaler faster than ever.

Geautomatiseerde productfotografie technische groothandel boormachine

3 seconds to remove the background automatically

With the Alphashot and Alphastudio systems, you can create high-quality background free pictures in no time. Your packshot can be online within 3 clicks.

Take a picture.
Step 1:Take a picture.
Step 2:
Step 2:The background is automatically removed
Step 3:
Step 3:The image is automatically uploaded to your webshop.

Perfectly visualize your wide range

Attractive images ensure that your wholesaler’s products sell. The images supplied by a manufacturer are not always of the best quality, nor are they consistent across different suppliers. This can cause your digital wholesaler to look messy and cause mistrust among the visitor. With your own product photography you can highlight the right details and emphasize features. In this way you distinguish yourself from other parties and consumer confidence increases.

Alphashot XL PRO
Alphashot XL PRO

Flexible solution to get the perfect image of any product type. Equipped with all tools needed to shoot still images, 360° spins and videos.

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Alphastudio XXL Pro
Alphastudio XXL Pro

A large-format photostudio solution, ideal for models but also for larger products.

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Razor sharp photography of your products

The extensive range of a technical wholesaler requires different types of product lighting. Capturing shiny car parts properly can be a challenge. Orbitvu’s high-end product photography systems quickly and easily capture all your products perfectly. By accurately displaying structures, details and color fastness, you increase conversion and reduce returns. Orbitvu’s photo studios have everything to make reliable product photos for your technical wholesaler.

Geautomatiseerde productfotografie technische groothandel stofzuiger
Productfoto’s technisch groothandel
Vrijstaand fotograferen apparaten
Hardware fotografie
Industrie webshop

High-quality, technical product photos for your technical wholesaler

Whether it’s a hinge for the door or a complete tool station, with the Orbitvu systems you can present your products quickly and easily in exactly the same way. With Orbitvu’s photo studios, you automate as many manual steps of product photography as possible, and you can work at lightning speed. The result is perfectly exposed and free-standing web-ready photos that require no post-processing. There are only 3 clicks between capturing and putting online.

Step 1: Make a recording.
Step 2: The product photo is immediately freestanding.
Step 3: The product photo is automatically in the webshop.

Fotograferen van elektronische apparaten

Curious about the possibilities?

Regardless of the type of product of your technical wholesaler; we have the right machines with user-friendly software for a simple and fast workflow.