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Alphastudio Compact Pro

Versatile system for larger product photography with automatic background removal.

Alphastudio Compact Pro

Alphastudio Compact Pro

The Alphastudio Compact Pro has been specially developed to enable medium-sized products to be photographed instantly isolated. The Alphastudio Compact Pro has the unique automatic background removal and instantly isolated photographs. The system can photograph products of 120 cm high and 100 cm wide. The load on the turntable is a maximum of 100 kg. The Alphastudio Compact Pro enables both static 2D photos, moving 360º presentations and videos, to be uploaded directly to YouTube. Products such as sports equipment, tools, household appliances, suitcases, trolleys and electronics can be photographed in the Alphastudio Compact Pro.

The automatic background removal is done using the Alpha channel technology, post processing is no longer necessary. The powerful infinitely adjustable and movable LED lighting panels ensure that you can quickly create professional images for your webshop or other application. The system is delivered including Alphashot Station software. It controls both the studio and the camera and works smoothly on Windows or Mac.

Product video

View the short video about the Alphastudio Compact Pro. In this video we show you all funtionalities of the system.

The Alphastudio Compact Pro features the award-winning Orbitvu 360 ° technology. The 360˚ spins are compatible with PC, tablet or mobile device. And can also be used directly for social media.

In the Alpastudio Compact Pro you can shoot a chair but also a screw. Our automatic backgrpound removal works with all items. The included ‘Magic Table’ is also automatically removed by the software. Post-processing is no longer necessary. The product photos taken are automatically cropped and centered so that they can be used directly on- or offline.

By using the standard templates you can quickly and easily shoot high quality product photos and product videos. This way you are assured of a constant output and quality.

Benefits of the Alphastudio Compact Pro

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Dimensions   178 cm x 136 cm x 183 cm (L x W x H)
Total weight  280 kg (617 lb)
Max. size of photographed object  100 x 70 x 130 cm (L x W x H)
Max. load  100 kg (220 lb)
Front lights  2 panels 37 x 166 cm (95+ CRI)
Back light  93+ CRI
Top lights  2x 95+ CRI
Laser pointers  Standaard 2 linear integrated lasers 15 mW each CLASS 2M
Output 2D image format  JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
Output 360° image format   HTML5
Output video file format   GIF, MOV, MP4, direct upload to YouTube
Predefined colour templates   5 generic profiles
Max. image resolution   Unlimited
Compatible cameras   CANON DSLR with LiveView <More information>
Multiple Camera Control  Yes, up to 5 cameras (Canon only)
Compatible operating systems   MAC OS: 10.14, 10.15, Big Sur; WINDOWS: 8, 10
External Power Supply  110-230V AC
SUN hosting package   Included 3 months trial version
Camera Connection  USB Type A
PC Connection  USB Type B

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