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Packshot photography

Good product photos convince customers. It is important to show the products you have online as well as possible. The right packshots give the webshop a professional look and more trust, which has a direct effect on the sales figures. The customer is more likely to place your product into the shopping cart if you have perfect images.

Why packshot photography?

Customers look at product photos when they assess a webshop and decide whether they will make a purchase. Bring in new customers and win over the doubters with high quality packshot photography. You not only offer a service to the customer, you also have fewer returns because the product is exactly as expected. Customers can better judge in advance whether it is the product they are looking for and that ensures a win-win situation for both of you.

An overview of the advantages of packshot photography:

Packshot photography with Orbitvu

You can do packshot photography yourself with some lamps and a white cloth, or you can outsource it to an expensive photo studio. The last, and perhaps best option is to purchase a photo booth. That is where Orbitvu comes in the picture. Orbitvu photo studios save you a lot of time and money, and ensure top quality.

Easy and fast packshots

An all-in-one photo studio offers several options that make your life a lot easier, it takes all the work off your hands. The cabin easily takes perfectly exposed and uses automated background removal. The photos produced are immediately usable for posting online. No post processing is needed. The Orbitvu product photo studios provide the same background and lighting, so that everything stays in line with your product overview. You can also set the titles so that they are all labelled with product name or brand. This supports your position in the search engine results.

Saving costs with packshot photography

Orbitvu’s products can do several tasks. In addition to product photography, the photo studios also ensure that the photos are immediately ready to be placed online. They no longer need to be edited to create the same background and lighting as all other images online. Editing a whole load of photos can take a lot of time. With Orbitvu’s photo studio, you can photograph multiple products in the same way at lightning speed and they are immediately background free.

An overview of the advantages of your own photo studio:

Automated product photography systems, fast and easy

Bring products to life with a 360 spin.
No matter what packshot challange you face, we have the right systems for you with automatic background removal. Including accessible software with a simple and fast workflow.

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