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Alphashot XL PRO

Flexible solution to get the perfect image of any product type. Equipped with all tools needed to shoot still images, 360° spins and videos.

Alphashot XL PRO


The Alphashot XL PRO LED is the high-end model of the XL series. It is our most versatile packshot photography system. This system is equipped with a laser pointer, four adjustable LED panels and stands on a 50cm raised frame. This allows you to comfortably photograph all your products.

The Alphashot XL PRO LED is ideal for photographing medium-sized objects such as shoes, fashion accessories, household appliances, electronics and bags.
Easily create images in 2D and 360 degrees for your webshop or website. See some examples here

The maximum size of the photographed objects is 50 x 30 x 70 cm. The maximum weight is 25 kg. Perfect if you deliver medium-sized items to customers, suppliers or traders. The background of the photos is instantly removed, so you can quickly place the photos on your website. Now not only the background is removed, but the system also offers the tools to position products, for example so that the product is upright. This will save time so you can spend it on other things. Like writing unique product descriptions.

Included in this packshot system are unique Alphashot Station software package (ORBITVU STATION and ORBITVU VIEWER), SUN hosting package (1 year), installation and explanation.


Take a look at this short video. See all functionalities of the ALPHASHOT XL serie.

This Alphashot XL Pro has a number of extras in comparison to the Alphashot XL LED. A 50cm raised frame, creating a ergonomic and comfortable working height. A higher tripod with a luxurious tripod head.

The lighting panels are rotatable and sliding, with the XL LED they are only able to rotated. The XL PRO is also equipped with two lasers to perfectly align your product in the centre of the system for a smooth 360-degree spin.

Doors on both sides are making it more easier to place your products in the system. You can also reverse/rotate the doors. this way you change the black inside into a white.

Alphashot XL Pro is carefully designed to serve it’s purpose. Fully equipped at basic setup and ready for customisation with optional accessories. Create quality visual content without extensive photography experience or adjust our equipment to your specific needs.

Benefits of the XL PRO LED

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Max. size of photographed object  50 x 30 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
Max. load   25 kg (55lb)
Front lights   2 panels x 480 pcs. 95+ CRI LEDs each, adjustable
Top lights   2 panels x 480 pcs. 95+ CRI LEDs each, fixed
Bottom/back light   1600 pcs. 92+ CRI LEDs
Laser pointer   Yes, 2 linear lasers inegrated, 15 mW each CLASS 2M
Camera connection   USB type A
PC connection   USB Type B
Output still image format   JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
360° image output formats   HTML5, animated GIFF
Output video file format   GIFF, MP4, direct upload to YouTube
Export  Simple user defined mode; advanced xml file defined
Factory defined templates   5 generic profiles (color, bright, dark, transparent, glossy)
Multiple cameras control   YES, up to 5 cameras (Canon only)
SUN hosting package   Included: 3 months trial version
Dimensions   142 × 87 × 176 cm (L x W x H)
Total weight   145 kg
External power supply   110 - 230V AC 1000W

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