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By showing excellent product photos, customers are more likely to make a purchase and return the products less often. An excellent product photo is essential for a correct representation of the product. That is why good product photography is essential.

Why product photography?

Images often say more than words. If your product photography is done well, it could mean the difference between a customer changing their mind at the last minute and a customer that places an order. Your own photos are also unique content, indispensable to be found well by your target group!

An overview of the advantages of product photography:

Product photography with Orbitvu

Faster, better, nicer! Product photos can be taken in various ways. From tinkering yourself with a white cloth and lamps, to hiring a photo studio or purchasing a photo booth. Orbitvu’s products belong to the latter category. Product photography with Orbitvu helps you save a lot of time and money.

Take product photos faster with Orbitvu

Placing products well, photographing them from different angles, with the same lighting… this takes time. Especially if you have many products in your webshop.

And even then, you are not done yet. Post-processing is perhaps the most time-consuming part. With an all-in-one photo studio from Orbitvu, you can photograph multiple products in the same way, directly free-standing. Post-processing is therefore not necessary.

Less costs with Orbitvu

You will earn back an Orbitvu photo studio in about 1.5 to 2 years. Higher quality product photos save you valuable time, and also increase the conversion rate and reduce product returns. In an example case, a shoe web store reduced returns by 17%. That translates itself in great savings on administration, packaging, shipping and return.

All advantages of product photography with Orbitvu

Automated product photography systems, fast and easy

Bring products to life with a 360 spin.
No matter what packshot challange you face, we have the right systems for you with automatic background removal. Including accessible software with a simple and fast workflow.

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