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360 spin product photography

Product photos are an integral part of your webshop. The photo is the first impression a potential customer has of your product and strongly determines whether a customer drops out or places an order. Create an almost tangible buying experience with 360 spin product photography. Let your products turn and be viewed from all sides, giving your customers a full experience. The result? Visitors tend to order more quickly and the number of product returns reduces.

Why 360 spin product photography?

Customers like to see products in detail. They prefer to touch the products before buying. Unfortunately, this is not possible online. But with the latest technology in the field of product photography, i.e. 360-spin product photography, your visitor gets a very complete and detailed picture of your products. The truthful 360-spin product photos help your customer make an informed choice.

An overview of the advantages:

How does it work?

With 360 spin product photography, you capture a series of still product photos, while the product rotates on one or more axes. The result? Customers are able to rotate your products 360 degrees from every conceivable angle and zoom in at any point to see the smallest details.

360 spin product photography with Orbitvu

There are multiple ways to take 360 spin (or product rotations). You can get started yourself with a turntable, hire a photographer or purchase a photo studio. Orbitvu excels in the latter category. Orbitvu photo booths help you save a lot of time and money.

Take 360-spin product photos quickly and easily

Taking 360-spin product photos is easy and fast with an all-in-one photo studio from Orbitvu. With just one click, you can quickly take multiple product photos, directly free-standing. Post-processing is not necessary. The Orbitvu software converts the images into a 360-spin animation of the product, which you can display directly in your webshop.

Less costs with Orbitvu

De snelheid waarmee de Orbitvu fotostudio productfoto’s maakt en bewerkt, scheelt u niet alleen een hoop tijd, het bespaart ook kosten. U hoeft namelijk geen foto’s na te bewerken en ook niet handmatig om te zetten naar 360 graden animaties. Dat vermindert uw arbeidskosten of personeelskosten. En last but not least: u ziet het terug in minder retouren, dus minder administratie-, handling- en verzendkosten.

All advantages of 360-degree photography with Orbitvu:


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