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Electronics product photography

An efficient workflow for quality still images, 360° spins, videos of any electronic device. Orbitvu is on a mission to simplify your in-house visual content production.

Elektronica fotografie oplossingen Imac Orbitvu

3 seconds to remove the background automatically

With the Alphashot and Alphastudio systems, you can create high-quality background free pictures in no time. Your packshot can be online within 3 clicks.

Take a picture.
Step 1:Take a picture.
Step 2:
Step 2:The background is automatically removed
Step 3:
Step 3:The image is automatically uploaded to your webshop.

Online product presentation for
electronics webshops

Telephones, computers and accessories, audio equipment, household appliances, cameras, alarm systems. For all electronic equipment, the customer wants a complete picture of the functionalities and specifications.
Design, material and color are important. High-quality product photos bring the items to life in pin-sharp and true-to-color fashion.

With the automated systems of Orbitvu you can quickly create the product presentations you want to put online: packshots with zoom options for details, 360° rotating image and unboxing presentations. Thanks to the innovative software, post-processing and knowledge of photography are no longer necessary to achieve the best results.

Discover with our advisors which system suits your range and presentation needs.

Alphashot XL Led
Alphashot XL Led

Ideally suited for medium-sized objects such as shoes, boots, bags, tools, and other hardware.

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Alphashot XL PRO
Alphashot XL PRO

Flexible solution to get the perfect image of any product type. Equipped with all tools needed to shoot still images, 360° spins and videos.

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More turnover through a perfect online shopping experience

Suppliers of electronics have a wide range to draw attention to. The competition is also great. Consumers are going to orient themselves online: to compare products, prices and suppliers. An attractive and as complete as possible presentation ensures that the customer buys from you. You avoid disappointment and returns. Satisfied customers will return to your webshop for their next purchase.
You know exactly what your customer wants to know and see about a product. So also how you should visualize your electronic equipment on the webshop. That is why Orbitvu has developed systems with which you can create visual content that completely meets your wishes and requirements. Knowledge of photography and editing is not necessary for this.

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Reflecties fotograferen webshop
Elektronica fotografie oplossingen headphone Orbitvu
Elektronica fotografie oplossingen radio Orbitvu
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Photos and videos for selling electronics on marketplaces

Selling via marketplaces is becoming more and more popular. Web stores present themselves on one or more platforms (such as, Zalando, Decathlon and Amazon). You want to show your products as attractively and clearly as possible between competing suppliers. In addition, you have to deal with the rules that the platform sets with regard to image material such as size and layout. They are different for every platform. With professional packshots from Orbitvu you have the option to automate all this so that you always work in the right format.

Many online retailers use the same stock images created by the supplier.
The customer therefore sees no difference, will only compare on price and shipping service and will not consciously choose you as a supplier. If you want to build a good reputation and a growing, regular customer base. The majority of the photos and products will look alike, resulting in loss of customer trust. Distinguishing yourself from the crowd is therefore possible by means of your own photos. The more you can give an online store experience to the customer, the sooner a product will be sold.

Do you want to appeal to the general public through marketplaces? Show your products and increase your online sales? We are happy to help you achieve this with the best visual content.

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