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Product photography of flowers and plants

In the flower and plant sector, each product and each view is unique. With Orbitvu, you are assured of top-quality photos in no time at all. All you have to do is press the button.

Vrijstaand planten en bloemen fotograferen

3 seconds to remove the background automatically

With the Alphashot and Alphastudio systems, you can create high-quality background free pictures in no time. Your packshot can be online within 3 clicks.

Take a picture.
Step 1:Take a picture.
Step 2:
Step 2:The background is automatically removed
Step 3:
Step 3:The image is automatically uploaded to your webshop.

Put your flowers and plants in the spotlight

With Orbitvu’s high-end product photography systems quickly and easily capture the essence of your plants and flowers. Show the quality of your product from any angle with a 360 degree product photography presentation. Choosing Orbitvu means investing in a consistent system that will last for years.

Alphashot XL Led
Alphashot XL Led

Ideally suited for medium-sized objects such as shoes, boots, bags, tools, and other hardware.

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Alphastudio XXL Pro
Alphastudio XXL Pro

A large-format photostudio solution, ideal for models but also for larger products.

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Razor-sharp product photography of your flora

Whether it’s images of a bunch of tulips, a small tree or series of potted plants: at the touch of a button, and you can shoot and publish/ save razor-sharp images simply and quickly to the desired storage location. Thanks to the unique and exclusive integration with Floriday, you can immediately place your photos, images and 360 presentation on the digital B2B trading platform.

Productfotografie planten
Productfotografie bloemen
Productfotografie flora
Productfotografie sierteelt
Vrijstaand bloemen fotograferen

Ornamental/garden plant and flower product photography with Orbitvu

In flower auctions, your ornamental/ garden plants are assessed on the basis of product photos or 360-degree presentations. By visualizing your lot in the best possible way, buyers are able to see it more clear and will buy sooner. The use of an Orbitvu photo studio helps you to achieve better results. In no time at all with the photo studios you can create perfectly exposed photos with automatic background removal. These are immediately usable for posting online or uploading on auction platforms like Floriday. The Orbitvu product photography studios ensure that the background and lighting are the same in every picture so that everything remains in line on your product overview. You can also set the titles so that they are all labelled with the product name or type of flower or plant. This saves you a lot of time and money, and you get top quality every time.

Benefits at a glance

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Curious about the possibilities?

Regardless of the type of plant, flower, bouquet, ornamental piece or tree, we have the right machines with user-friendly software for a simple and fast workflow.