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Alphashot XL Led

Ideally suited for medium-sized objects such as shoes, boots, bags, tools, and other hardware.

Alphashot XL Led


The Alphashot XL is our versatile, innovative and user-friendly packshot system. The system is ideal for photographing medium-sized objects such as shoes, bottles, fashion accessories, household appliances, electronics and bags. Easily create images in 2D and 360 degrees for your webshop or website.

The maximum size of the photographed objects is 50 x 30 x 70 cm. The maximum weight is 25 kg. Perfect if you supply medium-sized items to customers, suppliers or traders.
The background of the photos is instantly removed, so you can quickly place the photos on your website.


View our short video of the ALPHASHOT XL LED. In this video we show you the options and differences between the Alphashot series.

The Orbitvu XL LED comes with the unique Orbitvu Station software package (ORBITVU STATION and ORBITVU VIEWER). You also get the SUN hosting package (3 months trial version), installation and training with this system.

The XL LED has adjustable lighting panels and can be equipped with various accessories that make photographing your products even more easy. Using the standard templates you can quickly find the right setting. Are you making an adjustment? Then it can be saved as a new template for future use.

Create perfect 2D product photos with the instand background removal and place them automatically on your website. Post-processing is no longer necessary. It is also possible to create a 360 ​​presentation spin and product videos. These videos can be placed directly on YouTube by means of a link.

Benefits of the Alphashot XL

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Max. size of photographed object (L x W x H)   50 x 30 x 70 cm
Max. weight of photographed object   25 kg
Camera angle regulation   depth: 0 - 100 cm, height: 0 - 50 cm
Power lighting   YES (107 600 lumen)
Lighting technology   Fluorescent High CRI
Color Rendering Index   >92
Predefined profiles of products   Dark, white, transparent, colored, shiny
Max. image resolution   Unlimited
360° image output formats   Yes
Export 2D / 360   JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
Compatible cameras   CANON DSLR with LiveView More information
Multiple cameras control   Yes (Canon only)
Compatible operating systems   MAC OS X: 10.10, 10.11, 10.12; WINDOWS: 8, 10
Dimensions (L x W x H)   142 x 87 x 123 cm
Total weight   125 kg
External power supply   230V AC

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