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Orbitvu Benelux


The Alphastudio, the answer to the need for a large format photo studio.

The Alphastudio is the all-in-one photo studio with unique automatic background removal for large products. Moving 360° presentations, static 2D product photos and videos can be created, and directly uploaded to Youtube. The Alphastudio is specially designed to photograph large objects up to 200 x 100 cm and 100 kg. Because the Alphastudio instantly isolates photographs, post-processing is no longer necessary. An isolated image is created in seconds.


The Alphastudio is available in different models: a Compact version and an XXL version.

Both Alphastudios have the award-winning Orbitvu 360° technology. The 360˚ presentations are perfect for online stores and compatible with PC, tablet or mobile device. Can also be used directly for social media. The Orbitvu Alphashot software works both on a Windows or Mac computer.

The movable high-contrast LED lighting panels are adjustable in strength and provide perfect packshots. The Alphastudio is the most progressive photo studio for large products. The system delivers consistent quality and the images can be imported directly into your webshop.

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Orbitvu Benelux
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