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The Alphashot XL WINE is the user-friendly all-in-one solution for glass product photography. The Alphashot XL WINE is perfected to easily photograph shiny and transparent products such as (wine) bottles, spirits, carafes and other glass products. The interior is finished in matte black and the sliding LED panels keep the reflection to a minimum. This ensures the lighting is perfect and quality is consistent.

The maximum size of the photographed objects is 30 x 50 x 70 cm. The maximum weight is 25 kg. This packshot system is perfect if you supply vases, glasses or bottles to customers, suppliers or traders.

The product photos are instantly isolated. Even the bottle-support (the turntable) on which the bottle stands is automatically removed from the photo. The entire post-processing is no longer necessary. Photos can be created at lightning speed and with consistent quality thanks to the powerful and infinitely adjustable LED lighting panels.

There are two versions of the XL WINE: the WINE and the WINE Top. The WINE Top version also features top lighting and a mounting bracket at the top. In addition, the Top version is also ideal for photographing other products, due to the adjustable LED lights. It is both optimised for photographing glass and other objects, such as bags. Perfect if you have a webshop where you offer both glass objects (perfume) and other products (such as cosmetics).

As standard with this packshot system you get the specially designed Alphashot software package (ORBITVU STATION and ORBITVU EDITOR), assembly, explanation and the PRO plan of the SUN hosting package for a year. This software connects seamlessly with the Alphashot XL WINE.

Benefits of the Alphashot XL WINE

Wondering what advantages an Alphashot can have for you? And which system suits your company best? Make an appointment for a free demonstration in our showroom!



We have already delighted several customers with the convenience of the ORBITVU Alphashot XL WINE. They have used these for thousands of isolated product photos. View a number of satisfied Alphashot users by clicking here.

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Max. size of photographed object [WxHxD] 30 cm x 50 cm x 70 cm (12" x 20" x 28")
Max. load 25 kg (55lb)
Front lights 2 panels x 480 pcs. 95+ CRI LEDs each, adjustable
Top lights Option (2 panels x 480 pcs. 92+ CRI LEDs each, fixed)
Bottom/back light 1600 pcs. 92+ CRI LEDs
Laser pointer Option (2 linear lasers, 15 mW each CLASS 2M)
Camera connection USB Type A
PC connection USB Type B
Output still image format JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
Output 360 file formatats HTML5, Flash, animated GIF
Output video file format AVI, MP4, direct upload to YouTube
Export Simple user defined mode; advanced xml file defined
Factory defined templates 5 generic profiles (color, bright, dark, transparent, glossy)
Multiple cameras control YES, up to 5 cameras (Canon only)
SUN hosting package Included: Marketing plan - 1 GB Trial
Dimensions (WxDxH) 87 cm x 130 cm x 123 cm (34" x 90" to 55" x 51")
Weight nett 125 kg (275lb)
External power supply 110-230V AC 1000W
Orbitvu Benelux
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